Wednesday, August 7, 2019

On Home Leave

We're currently on home leave. It's been an extended home leave for the three of us who are unemployed, and a regular home leave for our benefactor. He's going to HQ this weekend for a month of training and "consultations," which refers to meetings with higher-ups, and time used to do all the crap you have to do before they export you again. We both have to renew our driver licenses in person, which is what I've been most looking forward to on this home leave. What's more American than the DMV?

We've been up to all sorts of things since we've been here, to the point that I've spent no time on the blog, and in fact forgot to renew the domain name in time. Big thanks to my sister, Kate, who let me know that it had expired. And thanks to everyone else who didn't attempt to purchase it. I'm sure it was a close call.

I have been sporadically instagramming some of our adventures from my new phone. It's a Samsung, so the photos are slightly better quality than the off-brand phone I was using before. Solid content, really. 

Here's a cultural thing I'd sort of forgotten--the sheer volume of sugar cereal options. Also, Oreo flavors. Yikes, man.

We miss all of our friends in Thailand. We are happy to be with our friends here. We're grieving the loss of Thai mangoes. We're enjoying the U.S. nectarines. We're glad to be away from the constant noise and traffic of Bangkok. We're not thrilled to be in a nation that gets off on widespread gun ownership. There are tradeoffs in the foreign service lifestyle. They're often on stark display during home leave. We're mostly enjoying the ride, and looking forward to our upcoming experiences. For now, more Oreos.