Monday, February 26, 2018

Nai Lert Flower Show

The Kid and I are on holiday. Phil had to work. He's at a training outside of Thailand. We decided to fly with him, and visit some friends. Three guesses where we are now...

Before we left home, I quickly threw together a few draft posts with all of the things I've been wanting to tell you about since October. I didn't have time to finish and schedule them, so I'm playing catch up during our trip with my phone. There's a good chance the formatting will turn out wonky, but I think we're all mature enough to deal with it. 

One of the perks of living in a big city is that there's always something happening. There seems to be a festival or two every weekend. A lot of times, we stumble into these things on our way to something else. The Nai Lert Flower Show was a rare exception--I heard about it a day in advance from a friend.

I've never been to a flower show, so I can't speak with any authority, but I think this one was pretty much like every other flower show. Entrants competed in different design categories. They had plant-themed vendors (lots of soap), and floral-themed food (burgers?). They also had floral design classes that were pretty expensive, but looked wonderful.

I can't remember the specific names of the categories, so I'll make them up as I go. This next photo was an entrant in the "Garden" category. It didn't win, but it was my favorite. I waited my turn to take a photo, but these folks seized my opportunity. I decided to include them in the shot, not to shame them, but because I wasn't going to wait any longer. 

These next photos are from the "Wedding" category. A word of warning if you get creeped out by photos of holes (What's that called? T-something-phobia? I could Google it, but I'd have to tap open a whole new tab), there's a photo of lotus below.

This next photo is of a stilt walker. I liked the way they looked.

These designs were part of what we'll call the "Floral Sculpture" category.

We had a great time looking at all of the arrangements, and I just realized that this show is probably what prompted me to buy another hibiscus. I'm up to three now, and thinking about adding orchids. It's madness, especially since I abandoned my garden for a vacation in the midst of another hibiscus leaf die-off. A talented floral arranger, I am not. Maybe I should leave flowers to the professionals.

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