Monday, January 22, 2018

Banana Bella Shutdown Contest

Phil is an essential government employee. That's not just the biased opinion of a wife. When he reported to work this morning, he was informed that his work is essential because he helps protect life and property. Phil is required to work through the shutdown, though he is not currently being paid.

The general expectation is that federal employees impacted by the shutdown will be given back pay, but there is no guarantee. As a casual observer with a touch of legal education, I've been lightly researching what sort of issues could arise if the feds don't provide back pay to an essential employee.

The bottom line is, I'm mad. I'm mad about the shut down, and I'm mad about the comments on Delta's new animal policy. I'm mad about air pollution in Bangkok, and I'm mad about a few others things that I can't remember right at this second. I've reached a mad breaking point, and have decided to channel all of this anger into a BANANA BELLA SHUTDOWN CONTEST!!!!!

You may remember last year's challenge. You were asked to comb through this blog to find six hidden photos of Banana Bella. This year's contest is more contained. Finish the word search below, send us photographic proof of your triumph (text, email, FB, Instagram, USPS, FedEx, whatever), and you'll gain an entry into our Banana Bella drawing. The winner will receive a fabulous prize, courtesy of Banana Bella herself. 

All proof must be received by the end of the normal, functioning, workweek: Friday (1/26) at 5:00pm PST. Start searching.

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