Sunday, December 31, 2017

Mostly Pithy Proverbs for the New Year

We've nearly reached the finish line of 2017. Phil and I are probably a bit closer to it than you are, but we've always been overachievers. This is the one time of year when living hours ahead of my loved ones is a real kick. I love sending messages "from the future."

I also love that old "See you next year!" joke that everyone uses on their colleagues during the last week of December. I'm happy to confirm that the joke is universal. Two different Thai friends used it on me, and I was delighted.

Historically, New Year's Eve has been a touchy time for me. I have a hard time shelving my Christmas expectations. I don't do well in low-light environments. I don't do well with little sleep. I don't do well with loud noises. I don't do well in crowds. It can get rough.

Bella really nailing the "Jane on New Year's Eve" aesthetic. 

If there's one thing about NYE that I can get behind, it's the hope of a new year. Even though I'm going to drag myself out of bed on January 1st with the same problems I dragged into it, the new year is a good reminder for me that time, and change, are no respecters of persons.

My grandma kept an eclectic collection of proverbs taped around her kitchen walls. During a recent setback, one of these proverbs came to mind. It helped me get off the floor, and get back to work. Those little, pithy quotes can go a long way.

In honor of the new year, and my grandma, here are a few of my favorite proverbs. They're from various sources, including my grandma's wall. None are credited, and a few are lightly edited to make them sound better. I took artistic license. It's fine.

Wishing you a happy, hopeful new year, wherever you are (including, maybe, the floor).

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