Friday, December 15, 2017

Lately, and The Day the Phone Stood Still

You need a quick update of our lives. Contrary to what the title of this post suggests, I'm not going to start with the Lately. I'm going to start by telling you about my phone. I could change the title to reflect this, but it flows better the way it is. 

The Day the Phone Stood Still

A few weeks ago, I saw a notification pop up on my mobile. It said something about updating my wireless whatever. As a rule, I respond to technological updates with either apathy or paranoia. I ignored it for a few days, before I eventually realized that it really had been issued by my phone manufacturer. "No harm there," I thought. 

Well, the software engineers made a little whoopsie in coding the update. Everyone with my particular model of phone who installed the update got locked out. The phone repeatedly asked for a password, and declined all of them. The company's patch, while they scrambled to find a solution, was to tell their customers to complete a factory reset of their phones. That caused some bad feelings. 

Long story short, I was one of the people who decided not to wait for a solution. Fortunately, I'd copied all of my photos from July-September to my computer. Unfortunately, I lost everything after that point. Fortunately, Google automatically uploads my photos to my account. Unfortunately, they are not high resolution. Fortunately, I don't need high resolution for the blog. 

What you need to understand is that this story doesn't matter to you, and there's no reason for me to have told it.

One of the photos that was lost to the ravages of technology, yet also saved by the ravages of technology.


It's been a long time since we've given you a Lately. Let's do it.

Phil's enjoying work. The workload is bigger here, but is still basically 9-5. He hasn't had to travel as much so far, but he has been to Chiang Mai a few times, and was able to fly to London to help with the new embassy there. 

The Kid is getting taller, and it's weird. He babbles all the time now. He's currently babbling while he should be napping. I'd tell him to shut up and sleep, but then he'd know for sure that I'm sitting out here. 

Bella is doing what she always does, and she's doing it better than anyone else ever has.

I'm slowly getting our house in order, making friends, and meticulously documenting all the weird health complaints I've had into a document titled, "Everything Wrong With Me Daily." It may not be useful, but it is cathartic.

Here are some other things that are going on:

I bought a plant.

Bella found a good place to sleep.

We walked underneath these electrical wires and didn't die.

It rained on the pool.

I bought another plant.

I bought three more plants. 

Phil's family came to visit.

We went to the old capital, Ayutthaya. I took more pictures, and will show you later.

It rained and the street flooded.

I forgot about sweet potatoes, and found them a few months later.

I put up Halloween decorations.

I got sick on Halloween, and the decorations taunted me.

Thailand celebrated Loy Krathong, the full moon festival.

And we got to see the after-effects of all the krathong (rafts) they floated down the canal.

My mom came to visit.

We went to the late king's crematorium.

The Greece sponsored booth at a YMCA fundraiser was 90% Greek Mexican food products.

We decorated for Thanksgiving, then celebrated at a buffet.

Bella found a good place to sleep.

Thai strawberry season began.

I made and burned a pecan pie.

We found a new pizza place through a mommy Facebook group.

And those mommies knew what they were talking about.

Bella found a good place to sleep.

It rained on December.

I made a puffy omelette (souffle, in chef world).

We walked around the city a lot. 

When people live in exciting places, I usually assume they're doing exciting things. I think this post is a good reminder for all of us that Expats--They're Just Like Us! (except that I probably make a better puffy omelette than you, and that's not gloating, it's just reality). 

Hope you are all happy and well, and enjoying December!

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