Monday, October 16, 2017

New Post for a New Post

After one month of home leave, and two months of jet lag, we've finally blogged from our new post in...


It's a different balcony view than we're used to having.

Bangkok is overwhelming. There are more than 14,000,000 people in the metropolitan area, which is approximately 13,000,000 more people than I grew up with back home. There is a large expat community, and a large tourist community. English translation abounds. It is not hard to get around. You can buy almost anything, except inexpensive breakfast cereal, and the best kind of Greek yogurt.

Some things are really cheap, like Thai street food, and local labor. Everything else costs more than I was led to believe. In comparison with Greece (Oh, Greece), Bangkok prices are painful. It's especially difficult for a cheapskate who wants to buy dairy. We spend $6 for a gallon of milk, and $5 for a 200gr thing of butter. Yeeeowch. It would probably be less painful if we ate more of the local diet, but butter is more than a diet to me; it is a way of life.

Look at this cool storm! We're still in the rainy season, though it's supposed to end soon. There was a huge storm the other night. It flooded a bunch of streets. My expensive grocery store is still closed for flood repair.

Bangkok is the third largest U.S. Embassy in the world, behind Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a huge change from our last post, where almost everyone at the embassy was either someone we knew, or someone new. We're slowly finding friends, which is no small feat for a couple of introverts with a toddler.

We have a lot to show and tell. I've been waging battle with mealybugs, and black aphids on my new hibiscus plants. The Kid has learned some fun new skills, like using chalk indoors, and reaching for sharp kitchen tools on countertops. Phil has been taking care of me in my various infirmities, and figuring out the demands of his much-busier office.

This photo was taken three weeks ago, before the bugs arrived. If you could see them now, you'd weep.

We just returned our first set of visitors this morning. Phil's family has been with us for the past two weeks. We had a great time, and were sorry to see them go. We managed to hit a few interesting sights while they were here, and I dutifully photographed those for you. They are in my blog "To Do" pile. As you can see, I've already Ta Done (pronounced like "Ta Da") a few things on my blog wishlist, like adding a link to our Instagram account. I'm hoping that between the blog and the Instagram, you'll be able to hear from us more regularly.

Should we take bets on that?