Monday, July 3, 2017


We are currently on home leave. I miss Greece. Moving is the worst part of Phil's job, and I hate doing it. We had a few stressful, sad weeks, and now we are recovering for a month. Before we land at our next post, I'm hoping I'll have time to share the rest of our adventures in Greece. Part of our final weeks there involved cramming in a bunch of last-minute sightseeing, and it was really lovely.

One month ago, we took a final tour of the Peloponnese. We started in Monemvasia, an old Byzantine/Venetian/Ottoman fortress on an island. The name Monemvasia roughly translates to "one entrance," and refers to the fact that there is only one entrance to the city, through a gate at the base of the island.

The entrance is on the other side (helpfully cropped out of the photo).
Today, Monemvasia is a hopping little tourist town. The lower city has a handful of cool hotels built into medieval structures, along with nice patio restaurants and souvenir shops. The upper city is ruin, but pretty ruin, with outstanding views. There is still only one entrance, accessible from the mainland by causeway. There are no cars in the city. You have to hoof it on the cobbly streets with your gear. It's worth it, though. It is really pretty. 

A local residence.

View from the lower city.

Phil at the far end of the city.

Looking toward one of the many old churches in the lower city. 

I took this photo because the flowers were magnificent.

Cool, little streets.

An old church in the upper city. It's the best preserved thing up there.

View from the top.

Looking toward the modern town from the upper city.  
Upper city ruin.

An old building from the upper city.

Looking down at the lower city.

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Church in the lower city.

Monemvasia from a distance.

We didn't stay in Monemvasia proper. We thought it would be too difficult to manage with a kid and luggage. On our way to the city, we realized that we'd left the baby backpack sitting on the couch at home. We did okay with his stroller in the lower city, but took turns running to the upper city, while The Kid and the stroller stayed behind.

The place where we did stay was about ten minutes down the coast from the new city. It was quiet, and lovely. I'll ask Phil what it was called, and report back with more photos. Until then, here's one more of Monemvasia.

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