Saturday, April 8, 2017

Better So Far

So far, today has been a much better day than yesterday. I'm hesitant to say that, in case I jinx us, and I'm actually even more hesitant now that I said that I was hesitant. Oh boy.

Phil's here, too, enjoying the day with a homemade smoothie.
Look at all those dirty dishes behind him. No. Don't look at the dishes. Focus on Phil.

It's a beautiful day in Athens. The wind has blown away all of the nasty, smudge air, and left behind a dazzling, blue sky, with gorgeous, puffy clouds. Across the street, they're starting to get ready for Easter. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, and they're marking the day with palm branches.

Easter is coming! I bought a packet of red dye from our egg guy this week. I'm going to boil and dye my own Greek Easter eggs, though they sell them already dyed in the stores...hmmm. I'm also planning to attend one of the Easter services that will be happening across the country. I'm not sure when or where, but I wanted to lay my intentions bare before the internet so that I can't chicken out at the last minute. Thank you for holding me accountable. 

We're bummed that we won't be able to spend Easter in the village with our friend this year. She graciously invited us to her home, but unexpectedly had to travel to the States to seek medical care. We'll be thinking of her this year, and wishing her our best. Come home soon!

I'm on the hunt for a good bougatsa recipe. It's early stages. I'm still brainstorming where to start. It's obviously going to have to come from Crete or Thess. I will keep you updated.

This is a really bad picture of a really good bougatsa. I'm sorry. I was honestly too interested in eating to try harder.

Speaking of updates, there has been no movement on our Christmas Card Challenge this year, prompting us to question what we're going to do if there are still hanging cards when we move. We're going to have to implement some sort of sudden death elimination, but we're undecided about the process. Thoughts?

In a rare failure, I made chocolate chip cookies last night:

And in a rare success, look what's decided to thrive this year:

Next week, I'll show you the rest of our Thessaloniki photos. Have a good weekend.

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