Thursday, February 23, 2017

What's in My Jug?

Last week, my sister purchased a beautiful bouquet of poppies from our laiki. We were in a hurry, and I had to quickly find a thing of water for them. I was using my only vase as a candy jar, so I grabbed the Apfelwein Bembel our friend gave us at Thanksgiving. It looked so good, I decided to fill it with a new bouquet every week.

Ladies and gentlemen, a new, recurring post was born. I humbly present: What's in My Jug?

This week, my Apfelwein jug is filled with (what I think are) narcissus. They are teeny and fragrant. Deathly fragrant. In fact, it turns out that I am pretty allergic to narcissus. I took this photo, then relocated the flowers to a crappy, plastic baby food container, and set the whole thing outside.

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