Friday, January 20, 2017

Banana Bella Contest WINNER!!

At 10:13am Greek time, The Kid pulled the winning name (attached to a wood block) from his red bucket.

Pre-drawing. I wanted to show you my process, but he was already trying to grab. 

And the winner is...KAYLA L.!!!!!!

She successfully found all 6 of the Banana Bella photos in old blog posts.

Hooray for you! I already have ten different prizes in mind. I can't wait to pick one, and send it to you.

This was really fun (for me). Thank you to everyone who participated. We should do this more often.

**If you didn't feel up to searching, the six photos were hidden in: Of Fake Grass, and Fresh Produce, and Language Barriers; Mani Peninsula: Cape Matapan, The Entrance to Hades; Athenian Anecdotes; Shopping While Tired; Wind Tunnel; and Transformation Tuesday.

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