Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Abroad

I really need praise for my Thanksgiving decorations. I only finished them yesterday, and they're coming down ASAP to make way for Christmas. I'm not asking for much praise, I just want you to tell me these are the greatest Thanksgiving decorations you've ever seen, and that I'm a creative genius. I almost misspelled genius.

The two garlands are old. The leafy chandelier is new. It's beautiful. Tell me it's beautiful.

I love this so much. I stop in front of it, and just stare. I'm vain and proud. 

The Halloween tree re-purposed for Thanksgiving. 

A second leafy chandelier, because the first was so beautiful. Say it. Say it's beautiful.

The banner says, "Happy Thanksgiving," and it's so cute.

For a touch of realism, this is what my table looks like. I never did clean it. Those things right behind my re-purposed Halloween tree are German presents from my expat friend who is visiting from Deutschland this weekend.

A close up of my pumpkin. It's a styrofoam ball with tissue paper. It took 20,000 hours to complete.

Yarn pumpkin close up. It took much less time than the tissue paper pumpkin.

Second tissue paper pumpkin, and glitter pumpkin.

Turkeys. I'm so talented.

This is my wreath. I made it. I made it with my bare hands.

We shared Thanksgiving this year with some good friends from work. They took turkey duty, and had to deal with a horrifying realistic, freshly killed bird from our local butcher. I was on roll, mashed potato, and candied yams duty. It was a great dinner. We enjoyed the food almost as much as we enjoyed the company. Here are some photos from my side of the kitchen:

I tried a new roll recipe this year. They look fake. They tasted like fluffy butter air. Will definitely reuse the recipe:

Potatoes in process. I used butter and cream, the only true and correct way, as taught by my Grandfather. They were decadent.

These are the sweet potatoes. The oven fogged my camera.

Oh, Bella.

We have a long list of things we're thankful for this year, but I'm not going to subject you to all of it tonight. I am going to subject you to some of it. You can handle it.

We're thankful for the opportunity to be living abroad. 
We're thankful for the people of Ellas. 
We're thankful for the wonderful souls we've met through Phil's work. 
We're thankful for our family and friends who weren't already included in the previous two entries on this list.
We're thankful for the opportunities we have to become kinder, more concerned neighbors.
We're thankful to have a platform from which to express our thankfulness (as well as beg for compliments on Thanksgiving decorations).

We know not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, and we know it's not going to be a happy day for everyone. For those who don't celebrate, Happy Thursday! For those who are having a hard day, we hope you find happiness soon. For the rest of you, Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I'm very impressed, those chandeliers and paper pumpkins are just about the cleverest decorations I ever did see! Oooh...the turkeys?! Did I mention my love for the turkeys?!


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