Friday, November 11, 2016

Ancho Mexican Food

Phil and I have found the Chipotle of Greece. It's called Ancho. They have two locations, one in Swanksville City, and the other in Semi-Swanksville City. (Kifissia and Chalandri, respectively).

The setup is exactly like Chipotle, and other (better) Mexican food places. You walk up to the counter, decide what form you'd like your Mexican food to take, and choose what goes inside. We went with pork burritos, and they were pretty good. Their chips and salsa were all right, too. Their ice was a highlight. It's that munchy, crunchy stuff like the stuff at Sonic. Beautiful.

Phil enjoying a pre-burrito chip.

The chips and guacamole.

A blurry look inside a real burrito.
It's not the best Mexican food you'll ever have in your life, unless you live exclusively in Greece. Then it might come pretty close. We'll be back, Ancho.

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