Monday, October 17, 2016

Business, as Usual

Our remaining visitors left us yesterday. It was great to have them all here. We had a lot of fun, some of which is pictured below. Today, we worked on getting back into a routine. The Kid led off by mercifully sleeping for 8 hours straight last night. Phil went back to work. I crafted with a friend, and finally baked a chocolate cake that I've been craving for a week. 

I'm taking breaks between each sentence to stuff mouthfuls of it into my face.

This week, I'm committed to completing my remaining Halloween decoration crafts. I'm stuck waiting for some plastic bats that haven't arrived yet. I think I might have to proceed without them. Darn. I'm also hoping to get back into the blogging routine, but sometimes it is really hard to drag myself to my computer, and not just read celebrity gossip all afternoon. I will try, for my sake and for yours.

The Acropolis Museum. More on this later, maybe.

Nafplio, again. They have really good gelato, okay?!

Here. This is the gelato place. See all that gelato in there?

This is the donut place next door.

These are the donuts. This is one order.

So, it turns out most of these photos are from Nafplio, which you've already seen on here a million times. But these were taken in different lighting than you've seen, so...
Here's Palamidi Fortress.

Here's that view I always capture.

Here's another view. It was a very scenic trip.

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