Friday, September 9, 2016

September Driving

I think I've mentioned before that driving in Athens in August is a delight. Most of the city goes on holiday for the whole month, and either take their cars to the islands, or leave their cars to rot in the boiling sun, while I zip merrily around the streets. 

Vacation's over.

I normally don't take videos with my cell phone from behind the wheel while the engine's running, because it's not allowed in this country, and shouldn't be allowed anyway, since it's so stupid. But in this one isolated case, I was at a dead stop behind a red light, and immediately stowed my phone when we started to move. And I just really wanted to show you this traffic. I wish I could have captured a wider view. It was solid cars in front of me, behind me, and coming the other direction. 

Ugh, go back on your holiday.

People waiting for the bus. Bless them for not having cars, but bless them harder for having to ride the bus with that many other people. 

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