Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mosquitoes and Bella's Solution

I just did the dishes. I did them for no other reason than that I noticed mosquitoes were using the sink as a staging area for their activities in my house.

The mosquitoes are pretty bad here. We have beautiful balconies, but we can't use them at breakfast or dinner unless we want to be eaten within an inch (inches?) of our lives.

Bella is on year-round Heartgard. There's a plug-in repellent next to our front door.

One of our neighbors told us that they used to spray the city with anti-mosquito stuff every year, but then there were environmental concerns, or monetary concerns, or some combination of concerns. Anyway, they don't do that anymore.

Mosquitoes really like the basement garage. I had two follow me from our car into the elevator, and up to our floor. I don't know where they ended up, but not our sink. At least I can say that.

Honestly, I think Bella has the best approach. I looked over and she had wrapped herself up in this blanket.

She followed me around the house with the blanket hanging over her back, and dragging behind her.

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