Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wind Tunnel

When Phil is out of town, I sometimes amuse myself by making a giant wind tunnel in our apartment. I start by putting heavy objects in front of all the doors so they don't slam shut. They slam shut anyway, but at least I'm trying. After the doors are "secure," I open every window, and balcony door. Consistency is important, so I don't later forget to shut and lock something. Finally, I stand in the hallway and enjoy the effect.

This is the best spot in the house for Wind Tunnel. Bella loves it.

I've been telling Kate about Wind Tunnel since last year. This week, she was finally able to experience it for herself. Wind Tunnel day was particularly exciting because it happened to coincide with an above-average windy day outside.

Shortly after this was taken, the door, which is being propped open by a heavy, metal transformer, slammed shut.

The Kid slept through Wind Tunnel in his rocker. 

We enjoyed the Tunnel right up until the point that it ripped our only full-length mirror off the wall, and smashed it on the floor.

RIP mirror.

So, seven years bad luck, but it's still probably not enough of a deterrent to stop me from wind tunneling again.

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