Friday, July 15, 2016

Up and Down

Kate, The Kid, and I spent a lovely morning at Sounio, after dropping off one of our visitors at the airport. It was a beach ambush for Kate; I hadn't told her we were going, and secretly packed her swimsuit in a bag.

I don't know why this looks fake. It's real. It is.

On our way home, we started running low on gas, got sunburned through the car windows, panicked as the "check engine" light came on, panicked even more when the car started lurching, and slowly roasted with the windows down because the car's been overheating with the air conditioner recently. At a stoplight, the lens from my glasses popped out.

When we (mercifully) made it home, we realized that our cousin, who was planning to leave northern Greece for another European country tomorrow, left our house yesterday without her ID and money. 

Then, Phil came home from work with a big box of treats from his mom, addressed to Phil, Kate, and me.

Something else that sounds fake, but isn't: When we finally made it back home this afternoon, I was hoping against hope that there might be something in the mail today for us. I almost started crying when I saw the box. Thank you so much. You can't imagine how much this made our day. 

I'm hopeful that Phil's mom's monumentally wonderful box broke the roller coaster pattern of the day. Only good from now until midnight. Only good. Oh, please, only good.

Let's all have a weekend.

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  1. I'm glad you made it home! Looking at the pics Hannah and Wade have been posting makes me want to climb Mt. Olympus, too! Sorry about the car. Ours did that recently in the Chik-fil-a drive through. They had to replace a fan, which may have helped it. That would have been insanely stressful with the Kid in tow. Our power was out when we came home from UT and now mom and dad's power is out! out for that next. Sometimes I think it would be awesome to move to another country so I could get a bunch of care packages, but it's probably more awesome to just be able to easily buy what you want from people who speak the same language as you do.


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