Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Trash Walk

Kate and I have a new joint mission when we take our daily walks with the dog. We've decided that every time we stroll around, we'll each fill one plastic bag with garbage, and throw it away before we go home. Yesterday, I filled my bag before I'd gone half a block.

There has been so much trash around our neighborhood recently. It bums me out to see this much litter, most of which is recyclable. It's an especially large bummer because there are public trash and recycling bins on every street in the city.

I feel uncomfortable with how much trash I generate as a normal, mildly-conscientious human being. It's a small comfort for me to know that my trash is contained in one place, and not (hopefully) blowing down the street. Picking up garbage feels like an easy way to give back to my host country.

And I benefit from it, too, by not having to wade through trash every time I step outside.

Be good to your Earth...or at least put your trash in a bin like a decent person.

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