Tuesday, July 12, 2016

More from Pelion (Aeolos Hotel)

Today's post is another photo dump, and endorsement for the place we stayed on the Pelion Peninsula. Pelion is a huge peninsula on the central/east cost of Greece. There is a lot to see. It's a favorite of locals, and visitors who don't mind going out of their way to access the area. It's a bit off the beaten trail. If you're carless, you'll have to hop a bus from Athens to Volos, then another bus from Volos into the mountains. You have the option of staying up high in the mountains, or down low next to the sea. A lot of people stick to the west side. The roads are better established. We headed to the east side, and stayed in a beach town called Chorefto.

The place where we stayed is called Aeolos Hotel. It's in the mid-range of hotels in the area. We rented a one room apartment. It had a kitchen, with mini fridge and hot plate (and all the dishes, etc.), a living area with a t.v., and a long row of bench beds that could easily fit two adults, and a separate bedroom with a queen bed. It was simply decorated...like a Greek beach cottage. I wish I could describe it better, but at the same time, that's the best description of it. The hotel had a nice pool, and was smack across the street from the beach. Breakfast is not included, and it is expensive. We packed our own, but there are other options within easy walking distance.

Here's the hotel website: http://www.aeolos.com.gr/en/index.html

Phil and Kate on our nice, little patio.

A shot of Aeolos Hotel

A very short walk from our hotel to the beach.

The beach in Chorefto is beautiful, and not too crowded.

Lunch at a taverna down the street from our hotel.

On the beach in Pelion.

Driving on the east side of Pelion is nuts. We were almost run off the road by a delivery truck. It's beautiful enough to make up for the tiny, scary roads.

Mountain Roads.

More mountain roads.

Dusk in the mountains, looking down at the sea.

It's possible that Pelion is my favorite place we've visited so far. There are not many sites to see, but it's a beautiful place to vacation. There are hiking trails, beautiful beaches, and few people, compared to other beautiful places in Greece. If I could, I would take a few weeks and run all over that peninsula.

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