Friday, July 29, 2016

Hidey-Holes Part 2

Bella wins hide and seek forever.

We've had family here this week (Hooray!), but all of the suitcases were very unsettling for Bella. She couldn't figure out who was coming, who was going, and how she fit into the grand scheme of the universe. It was all too much, so she took to hiding for the majority of their visit.

Yet another hidey-hole.

I came home from work yesterday, and Bella didn't run out to greet me. Half an hour later, our guests returned, but there was still no sign of Bella. Half an hour after that, we really started to worry about where she might be. We looked in every hiding place she's been favoring, then in every hiding place she used to favor, then in every possible hiding place inside and outside the apartment. I thought I'd heard barking from the back bedroom, so, trying to put a damper on my panic, I began tearing the room apart. I was throwing back the duvet cover when I found a moving lump. I thought Bella had become tangled in the blanket. As I went to untangle her, I realized she wasn't outside the blanket, like I'd thought, but wedged inside the blanket, having crawled through a small hole in the duvet cover. After a few minutes of coaxing, shoving, and undoing duvet cover buttons, a thoroughly disgruntled dog emerged from the bed.

I'm still wondering how long she'd been in there, but I guess the bigger question is where the **** is she going to hide next time?

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