Friday, June 17, 2016

Sweet and Sour Chore Day

Kate and I have been cleaning the house all day today. Okay, mostly Kate. I helped a little, but at least I did more than Bella.

Bella's sun salutations.

Bella's tummy time.

I'm in the process of "archiving" our 2015 Christmas cards. Someday, I'll show you what that entails. I like to save the cards that people send because it's a lazy way to keep a journal.

Have you watched any of those Buzzfeed Tasty cooking videos? They are absolutely enthralling. Watching them is easily my favorite way to waste time online. We couldn't decide what to make for dinner last night, so I decided to actually try one of the recipes--sweet and sour chicken. I had to adapt it, because we didn't have a bell pepper or scallions on hand. Both would have enhanced the flavor more than the peas and sauteed red onions I used, but I still think the recipe is way too sweet. It calls for a 1/4c. of ketchup, and a 1/2(!!)c. of sugar. I used less than half that amount of sugar, and it was still like eating chicken candy.

This looks questionable up close. 

I can sort of picture myself making this dish again, but only if I cut way down on the sugar, and added a bit of a kick. I'm still trying to figure out what that kick would be...probably peppers of some kind. Help? Here's a link to the video recipe: Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe.

Kate picked out an incredible watermelon yesterday at laiki. It's so good, and so huge.

This looks incredible up close.

I love watermelon season so much. It coincides with cherry season. We bought some okay cherries this week, but they aren't as good as the ones from last week, so they don't deserve a photograph. Instead, look at more watermelon:

I've eaten so much already.

Kate's been here for less than a week and she's already indispensable.

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