Friday, June 24, 2016

Longest Day (Week?) of the Year

It's been a long week. Phil had to fight off the flu, we had to Lysol everything, I took a CPR recertification class, the Kid got shots, and Kate ran our whole household.

Only Bella was able to nap on her regular schedule.

We've been negligent in our blogging, and we apologize, but really, given the circumstances, can you blame us for not keeping you updated? Even so, you should forgive us quickly.

There is a loud, amateur concert at the tiny amphitheater across the street. It's the second concert there this week. Most of the songs are covers of American classic rock. There was some ACDC the other night. It was...okay. I don't remember these concerts from last summer, but they must have happened.

Speaking of last summer, on Sunday we'll have been living in Greece for a full year. Nuts.

On a different subject, how about that Brexit? If you think that all of Europe is freaking out about Brexit, I want you to know that no one in our suburban Greek neighborhood seems to care. Maybe they do on the inside, but on the outside, it is business as usual. It's pretty similar to this area last year when Grexit was on the table. My running theory is that we're in an upper middle class neighborhood whose inhabitants won't be deeply hurt by fluctuating economies. Still, it's going to be really interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks. I wonder if Greece will start discussing Grexit again. From what I've anecdotally observed, Greeks don't fully trust EU leaders to manage their economy, but they definitely don't trust their own leaders.

I'm tired of Brexit. I'm also just tired. Here are three photos we managed to take this week.

Bella on a windy day.

Excellent laiki haul.

Evening walk on the longest day of the year.


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