Sunday, May 15, 2016

Halfway Through May, And All Is...

...Well. Hello, friends and strangers who've become attached to us. It's been a while since we updated you. Here's a roll call of our family:

Phil is doing well. He's still on leave, which is great for me. He's had to run to the store almost every day for something we've needed (mostly food [mostly for me]).

I got sick last week and was put on bed rest. I thought about posting a photo every day from bed, but I decided to read celebrity gossip instead. I'm recovering well.

The kid put on some weight. His head looks less egg-like. He read in the textbooks that newborns feed about every two hours, and has taken that number to heart. I only have a half hour until our next session.

Bella doesn't understand what's going on at any time ever, and doesn't really care, as long as someone will open the door and let her out on the balcony, for once in her life.

Bella staking claim to the baby basket.

She genuinely has no idea what's going on. 

My mom blew into town like Mary Poppins three weeks ago, and like Mary Poppins, flew away too soon yesterday morning. While she was here, she snapped her fingers and cleaned our entire kitchen, made a million meals, took care of our infant, took care of us, and used her magical powers to transport us into a chalk drawing of a horse It was indescribably wonderful to have her here. After we dropped her off at the airport, I crawled into bed and cried myself to sleep. The wonderful thing about sleep deprivation is that you lose all sense of time, so by the time I woke up, it felt like 10,000 years since she'd been here. It was still sad.

"Oh, it'sa jolly 'oliday with [Mommy], no wonder that it's [Mommy] that we love!"

These are those cookies in mom's photo, up close. This is one of many things she made for us.

Freezer meals, mom's famous chocolate chip cookies frozen at left.

Fridge is also full.

Thousand-yard stare. She has a hard time when mommy leaves.

Fifteen minutes until I'll be paged for duty. I'd better schedule some posts so you'll have something to browse this week. Hurry, Jane, hurry!

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