Thursday, May 5, 2016

Christmas Card Challenge: Early May Update

We're down to six cards. All of them are photo cards, which may or may not inform your card-buying decisions next holiday season. I feel it incumbent upon me to point out that last year's winner was a traditional, heavy card, so at this point, the type of card that results in a winning hang is still relatively unproven.

I wonder how many weeks or months we have left. It's always such a bummer when it's over.


  1. I want to win so badly. I think about this competition often. If I dint win, I think I'm gonna mail this year's card covered in delayed release gorilla glue (which I am now claiming as my intellectual property, 2016, with apologies to the gorilla glue company.)

    1. We welcome all forms of advantages, including cheating, though we can't personally indulge.


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