Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Thought it was Tuesday

It's not. It's Wednesday.

Bella begging to be released onto the kitchen balcony...

...only to stare at me through the door like this.

I made buriladas (enchiritos?) for dinner tonight.

I walked to the store for a bag of lettuce while dinner was in the oven. I told Phil not to worry about it, but then I started to worry about it, so I called him on the way home to tell him to take it out of the oven. While I was talking on the phone, I misjudged the distance between my arm and a tree. Sometimes my sleeves get caught on protruding plants, but this time it was all of the skin on the back of my right arm. The tree bark actually jerked me to a full stop. It was one of those moments that I hope no one was filming, because it could probably get a lot of hits online. 

I made it home all right, after peeling myself off the tree, and Phil dressed my wounds before dinner. He was very helpful and sympathetic, and only made a few tasteful jokes about my misfortune. 

This week feels long and weird. 

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