Thursday, April 14, 2016

Shopping While Tired

You're not supposed to buy groceries on an empty stomach, because of the tendency to impulse-shove everything in sight into your cart. I've done that before. I highly recommend it. It's great. Hungry You is a great shopper with impeccable taste. Do you know who sucks at shopping? Tired You. Tired You should never be sent out for groceries. Tired You won't pay attention to what you're buying. Tired You will purchase a kilo of carrots, even though you still have a bag in your fridge. Tired You will go to the bakery for a loaf of bread, and end up walking out with 5 total pounds of bread and a giant cinnamon donut thing. Tired You will spend the next hour trying to clean, cut, cram, and store a bunch of food into your overcrowded kitchen. Tired You will have to explain to your housemate why you're sawing through a hubcap-sized load of bread while laugh-crying.

I know this sounds pretty great. You'll look at the pictures below and wonder why I'm complaining about having access to wonderful food. To put it simply, I'm tired.

p.s. Here's a shaky, six second video of someone selling crap from their truck. I think I've told you before that some people here drive around hawking crap from their vehicles. They advertise with a very loud PA system. This gentleman turned onto a one way street going the same direction as me. He crept down the road at a lagging pace, advertising his whatever directly to the back of my head for five minutes. He cheated death today, but it was close.

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