Friday, April 22, 2016

Scenes From a Hospital

My medical care throughout this pregnancy has been fantastic, including our stay at the hospital. I have one more day in here, then I get to go home and apologize to my dog for abandoning her. Recovery is going well so far. The first day and a half were rough, but we've had a lot of help from the nurses and midwives.

We were up late last night conducting an illicit diaper change in our room. It wasn't actually illicit, but the service here is so fantastic, standard practice is to call for a nurse when you need a diaper changed. They'll wheel your baby away in its little tupperware crib thing, and bring them back fresh and clean.  You could go your whole hospital stay without touching a single diaper.  Last night, we couldn't find anyone around to change our son's filth, so we did it ourselves with a diaper I'd brought from home. I confessed to my midwife this morning. She brought a stack of diapers to our room, with towels and rash cream and everything. If we have a similar situation tonight, we can take care of it quickly ourselves. All we have to do is report when he poops. I'm just realizing that this is not an interesting story, but I'm going to leave it in anyway as padding for this post.

Overall, I'm feeling upbeat and tired. I'm at that stage of sleep deprivation where you can kind of hear a pleasant buzzing noise in your brain, and every once in a while you jerk your head up and realize you've been asleep. This kid is going to do wonders for my writing.

A beautiful gift from our friends here in Athens. It was a great surprise.

The view of Athenian suburbs from our hospital room. 

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