Friday, April 29, 2016

Holy Thursday, Good Friday

It's Holy Week or, as it's known in our home, Finally Greek Easter. Yesterday was Holy Thursday. Across the street, worshipers brought flowers to decorate Christ's bier. The church was open almost all night. I took a photo of it at 11pm. My mom saw people going in and out at 1am. By 4am, it looked like everything had shut down, but possibly people were still allowed in and out.

11PM, Holy Thursday.

Today is Good Friday. There has been a lot of church, and a lot of bells. These bells are mourning the death of Christ. They are...incessant.

Tonight, they had a procession with candles, a cross, and the bier. They just got back after a half hour walk to somewhere. They are currently having a liturgy and yelling, very literally, into a microphone. According to my mom, who was out on the balcony watching the proceedings, when the procession made it back to the church, all the lights were turned out. She said it looked like someone was preventing them from entering. That's when the guy started yelling, and as he reached his climax, all the lights came back on, and they moved inside. Very exciting. I've got to re-read the Bible to figure out what it all means.

Here's some video from tonight:

Before the Procession
Lighting up the candles.

Start of the Procession
Check out the cross coming down the stairs.

After the Procession
The decorated bier is going up the stairs.

As of the last balcony update, the bier's been hoisted above the door, and everyone is walking into the church underneath it. It looks like they're exiting through the side door afterward, and going home. They have another super-big, super-late church day tomorrow. Speaking as one who is already sleep deprived, I deeply hope they shut off the microphones and go to bed soon.

Reporting live from Greece, I'm Jane. Back to you, America. 

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