Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Crappy Photos from Lately

I found a small collection of weird, half-decent photos on my camera from last week. I can only assume they were intended for you. Here they are. I'll do my best to interpret what I was trying to illustrate.

This is my gardenia under the care of a fantastic gardener. It is still not doing well, which is comforting. If it dies, I can blame the plant, or I can blame him, but I don't have to blame myself.

My rose plant is very pretty. This is proof that I don't kill everything immediately. Look at the leaves. I had been spraying them with tap water until the gardener told me to knock it off. I guess this answers my dad's question about whether we have hard water or not.

I think what I was trying to tell you with this photo is that the weather has been amazing. I've been wearing a lot of short, unseemly clothing, and we've been soaking in the Vitamin D from our balconies. Sometimes in the morning, Bella will stand by the kitchen balcony door and ask to be let outside so she can sit in the sun. I think I also wanted you to see how the trees across the street are leafing out again. Maybe they were always leafy. I can't remember. It seems especially green over there. the orange trees are blooming like crazy. One orange blossom smells good. Thousands of orange blossoms smell like a merciless, unyielding assault on your sinuses. 

I just thought this was funny.

I post a lot of photos of my dog. Maybe you think I'll post a lot of photos of our kid whenever he gets here. I think I won't, just to spite you. I haven't figured out how I'd like to handle kid photos on a public blog that I initially made for our family and friends to read. Apparently, most of them still aren't aware of this blog's existence, because they pump our parents for information about us all the time. We're right here, man. We're blasting our lives for strangers, and spam bots, and you can access it for free. Maybe I'll send a bill in their Christmas cards this year, so they're aware.

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