Saturday, March 5, 2016

Meat Delivery

A big box of meat was delivered to our place today.

No, not that one. But we're really glad to have Phil back home again. He's been gone for 2 weeks.

Dog waiting for Phil to come out of the bathroom. She's afraid to let him out of her sight. 

Here's the meat box;

It's beautiful, isn't it?

We're going to have a traditional Sunday roast beef dinner tomorrow night. There are a lot of butcher shops in the area, but I finally decided to go with the one that has an online English ordering option, and free delivery. I will never go back to the old way.

We ordered from Butcher Shop online, in case you're in town and looking for meat. Here's their site:

This week is the beginning of Pre-Easter in Greece. Thursday was Burnt Thursday, similar-ish to Fat Tuesday. It's called Burnt Thursday because people have a bunch of meat parties so they can get their fill before Lent. After this weekend, they're not supposed to eat meat again until Easter. Remember that their Easter is on a different schedule than non-Orthodox Christendom, so they'll be abstaining until May 1st when they slaughter and devour the lambs. Harsh. Carnival kicks into swing this weekend, but next weekend is the big blowout. Athens has some celebrations and parades. The famous Greek celebration, however, is in Patras--a city in the Northern Peloponnese. We will not be checking that out this year. Maybe we'll go next year, if we feel adventurous, and you fund us.

It sounds like our Greek neighbors are having a meat and/or Carnival party this afternoon. They're being really loud. 

We'll have our revenge tomorrow. Mark my words. 

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