Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mail Call

We briefly interrupt the grotesquely ostentatious display of our vacation to bring you a grotesquely ostentatious display of the mail we received yesterday.

Phil's mom sent us a Valentine's Day box with a gigantic bag of Swedish Fish, beef jerky, decorations, crafts, and even more delicious food. Feast your eyes upon this. It is glorious. We love ewe, too!

My younger sister sent me this horrible plush fetus with a glowing red heart and heartbeat sound. It's from the same company that makes the plush microbes of STDs, and stuff. If we're being fair, it's probably cuter and softer than the real thing is at 8 weeks. At the very least, the plushy won't send you running to the bathroom every five minutes to puke. Thank you, sort of!

No, really, thank you for the mail. It was so exciting to open it yesterday. We miss our families.

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