Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Secret Projects

It's the penultimate day of the year, so I thought I'd give you a tantalizing glance at a couple of my secret projects for the new year.

Before I do that, here's a picture from ten minutes ago. Is this what winter in Athens is like? I don't know. It was 61 degrees yesterday (fahrenheit). Today it's 48. Tomorrow it might snow.

They put those flags up before Christmas. Want to make bets on when they'll come down?
My guess after Epiphany. So I'll say January 7th.
Who else wants in on this pot? $1 buy in. 
Project #1: To Do List

The apartment really does get that messy. Oy.

I made a huge list of things I need to get done. Some may be inscrutable, but most involve cleaning (and the majority of those tasks involve cleaning the wood floors). I like making big lists like this, because I feel so accomplished when I'm able to check off a box. Unfortunately, the list has been growing exponentially. There are a lot of reasons it's growing. I keep coming up with new, fun project ideas I want to try. The main reason it's growing, though, is that cleaning wood floors is a never-ending, mind-numbingly taxing and tedious process, even with the wonderful mop from my mom. 

Project #2: Granny Squares

I've been trying out new crochet granny square designs with hearts. You can tell those are hearts, right? Just say they look like hearts. I'll feel so much better if you do. The two smaller ones are designs I tried to wing based off of pictures online. The one on the left is easy. It's a very basic granny square. The one on the right is difficult, and I didn't do it correctly, and I need to find an actual, readable pattern if I want to try it again. The two in the middle, though, can be found here. It's a lot easier than it looks, especially if you watch the accompanying video. I want to find more. The final project is TBD, and I may or may not keep you updated. 

Project 3: Room Decorating

99 euro cents each! Hooray for Jumbo!
We've been living here for six months, so I decided to start putting away all of our stuff. I'm still trying to figure out how to decorate each room. You've already seen my accomplishments in the entryway and living room. Now I'm working on the bedrooms. In particular, I'm starting to think about how I'll decorate the room that will house our infant. I have a killer idea. I don't want to tell you until I finish it, and then you can be amazed and throw it up on Pinterest, and tell me how incredible I am. Until then, I just wanted to tease you with these picture frames, which I will incorporate into the final design. I'm so clever.

Project #4: 2016 Birthday Cards

But what will they look like put together?!
My grandma used to send birthday cards to a very vast list of relatives. My list is not quite that large, but I'm trying to uphold her legacy nonetheless. I don't think she'd haunt me if I didn't, but I just don't want to take the chance. Here's an exclusive peek at this year's design. 

I thought I had more interesting things to brag about, but that's it. Those are all of my not-so-secret projects. Or are they?


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