Sunday, October 18, 2015

Still Alive in Athens

Lest you think we've died, we are all still here and kickin' it.

Phil's been traveling a bunch. He's been to Cyprus and Thessaloniki this month, and is planning to hit another island before Halloween.

Bella and I have been nesting, preparing for winter hibernation by loading up on food shipments from America. I don't know if this holds true for other places in Europe, but it is really hard to find good junk food in Greece. Snickers and Oreos are ubiquitous, but, man, try finding Sour Punch Straws or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, or anything close to the bagged candy you buy for trick or treaters, then end up eating yourself.

The cereal situation is really starting to bum me out, too. I love Chex. I love Cheerios. I love Kix. You truly cannot buy any of that crap here, unless you get lucky at the Exchange store in the American Embassy. I don't know what you do if you're an expat with a terrible craving and zero access to the Embassy. Make friends with someone who can get you the good stuff? Die? Probably the latter.

My mom came to visit us recently. It was wonderful to have her here. I loved being able to show everything off, and she was suitably impressed. She also did all the cooking, cleaning, and shopping while she was here, so that was cool, too.

We finally got our car. It took four months to get from our parking space in Virginia to our parking space in Greece. We were supposed to remove everything from the car before we shipped it, but we left the jumper cables, portable air compressor, and cassette adapter inside. They did not make it to Athens. We're not sure if they got [stolen] lost, or if they were [stolen] confiscated. Surprisingly, Phil's Metallica CD made it through all right, so I don't know what that tells us about the parties involved.

It was great to figure out how to ride public transportation, but it's even better to not have to ride it. Driving is a bit scary, mainly because motorcycles and scooters ride down the center of the lane, but in a way it doesn't seem that much worse than D.C. traffic. It helps that you can do more illegal maneuvers here; enforcement isn't nearly as big a thing.

The next major holiday in Greece is on the 28th of October. We asked our Greek friend at the Med Clinic to give us the details. She said it's OXI ("No") Day. Greece has had to say "no" to a lot of people. This time it was to the Italians. I have no idea what the day itself will be like, but I keep hoping that the country will get together and show up in a big costumed parade outside my house and be like, "Just Kidding! It's Greek Halloween! We actually do celebrate it!"

Overly optimistic, I think.

Still alive. Her tear stains are really nasty here in Greece.
Someone come groom her.

"Yo, get that camera out of my face, witch."

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