Monday, October 26, 2015

Mail Call

I received this last week, and just barely stopped gasping in excitement. 

Oh, the simple joy of 165 candy bars
(and there's Bella, ever the buzzkill).
Phil's aunt and uncle sent me this Halloween package. We miss them a lot. We lived half an hour from them in Virginia, and they took care of us the whole time we were there. I totally wasn't expecting this package, but it's no surprise that they sent it to me. Thanks and love to both of you! This is so like you!  

It's hard to describe how utterly thrilling it is to receive a gigantic box of chocolate in the mail, but I'll try: It's like being a four year old kid and experiencing the best parts of every single holiday simultaneously, and you start yelling really loud, until the mature adult in your household reminds you that there are people living above and below you, so you have to tone it down, but it doesn't dampen your enthusiasm in the slightest, and eventually you consume twice your weight in sugar. 

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