Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Sorry, so sorry.

Here are four Zakynthos photos. They're from Phil's phone, so you get to look at my mug this time.

This was on the main road from our hotel.
It looks a lot more developed than it actually is.
This part of the road had a sidewalk, a couple restaurants, and a store.
The remaining mile to our hotel had dirt, and sidewalk-less blind curves.

This is our hotel. We stayed at the Matilda. It had great views, and a great pool.
It was, however, a European hotel, meaning that the rooms were not great.
Our beds were tiny, and had one mattress apiece.
The breakfast in the morning was terrifying. I've never seen that many unidentifiable dishes.
There was an eggy couscous casserole thing, and some wilting vegetables.
They did have old, off-brand cornflakes, but no cereal bowls. And no milk.

The views, though. Wow. 

The hotel was far away from most things on the island, but it was close to a beach.
We got these Cheesecake-Factory sized portions by walking down a dirt bath to a beach bar.
Mine's a club sandwich, and it was delicious.

One of Phil's Greek coworkers was telling him that he thinks it's funny to see Americans go on vacation. He said (paraphrased), "You Americans always want to go on a vacation and exercise. You want to kayak or surf or hike. When Greeks go on vacation, we like to order a coffee from a taverna and sit on the beach with a cigarette."

Alas. You cannot get away from cigarette smoke on the beach, which is horrible, and you have to do a bit of research if you want to find more active things. Fortunately for you, we can tell you where to kayak when you're in Zakynthos. Contact the people at Sea Kayaking Zakynthos. We got to explore the blue caves much more thoroughly than the boat trips do, including with snorkels, and our guide gave us everything we needed, along with a homemade lunch. He also took a load of pictures, but I haven't seen those yet. Phil took some, too, but he's with his camera in a foreign land.

So now we'll wait, hopefully patiently, for the snorkel pictures.

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