Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Zakynthos Photos

There's a nice thunderstorm building up in the city right now. We've had rain and clouds for the first three days this week. It's been lovely.

Here are those other photos from Zakynthos that I promised you from way back when you still had faith in this blog.

At dinner. Phil ordered something Greek and I ordered pizza.

Kayaking the Med.

That's a sea turtle! Zakynthos is known for these turtles.
We were lucky to see one, because it wasn't really the right time of year for turtle tourism.

The gang all together. That couple on the top left had rented a car for the weekend,
and were really nice about driving us to breakfast and dinner. 

Inside a cave. Look how blue!

More blue! It looked blue-er in real life.
We found out that kayaking is the best way to appreciate these caves.
In the bigger boats, there's no way you'd be able to get the full effect of the light on the water.

Emerging from the cave. Look at that form.
Is that good form? I don't know. Maybe not.
Phil and I had to work together. It went like this:
"THHHUNK!" "Phil, are you paddling?!" "Oh, sorry, I got distracted."

"#*%# it, Phil, follow my lead. Never mind. You back us into the cave. No, you do it.
You're doing great."

Check out my nerd shoes.
That's a real starfish.

Our kayak guide is also a diver (free and SCUBA), so he went down along the rocks, and pulled off some starfish.
He put them back after we got our "Facebook profile" shots.

Keep the faith, followers. Blogging might only come once or twice a week for the next few weeks, but I'm hopeful it will become more regular again soon. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Gorgeous! That water is so, so blue! Add that stuff to the list of things we're doing when I'm there.


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