Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sick Day Activities Abroad

Another stay at home day for me. I'm being productive this time, though. I'm catalog shopping. Halloween is not really celebrated amongst the native peoples. It makes sense because they're super Christian, and Halloween is super pagan. Halloween won't be a total bust this year, though, because nobody does pagan like I do. I'm up to $700 of merchandise that Phil won't let me get. I guess I can save the 7' tall light up witch for next year.

The true pagan bible.

I like to go through this with a big marker and circle everything I want. 

Halloween Spider Web Hanging Tissue Fans are a big yes. 

Somehow, I thought that as a grown up this stuff would seem so much cheaper, and I'd be able to buy so much more of it. I feel really disillusioned.

But I mean, come on, as LOW as 13 cents each!

I was so excited to get my hands on an Oriental Trading Company catalog again. If you happen to come across American Girl, Lands End, Pottery Barn, whatever that thing was with those expensive customizable twin dolls, or any other catalogs from my childhood, please send them my way. I'm in a perfect spot to sit and circle.

The perfect spot being our living room balcony.
It's a warm, windy day today.

I'm ready.

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