Saturday, August 22, 2015

Quiet Hours

This week's edition of That Can't Possibly be Comfortable:

We've been taking a lot of naps this week. It's nice. The city of Athens, and possibly more cities than that, have quiet hours during the afternoon. The hours change depending on the season. In summer. the designated quiet hours are from 3-5pm. During that time, you're supposed to keep things...quiet. No loud music, no vacuuming, no hammering, no dogs that bark at everything all the time. It's not quite a siesta, all the stores are still open, and people are still at work, but you're just supposed to shut up, I guess. Supposedly, the hours are enforceable. So, in theory, if you're watching Jerry Springer too loudly at 4pm, the cops could come bust down your door and give you a stern, quiet lecture, and maybe a citation. I can't say for certain what happens if you violate quiet hours, because I'm always napping.

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