Monday, August 3, 2015

Pounding Melon

Today was another stay at home sick day for me and, interestingly enough, my beloved dog, too. We're becoming more codependent by the minute. It's honestly really discouraging. I hate being useless, even if it means that I get to binge watch the movie, and entire new series of Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix. It was all right.

When Phil came home from work, he went out and bought me an 8 kilo watermelon for 2.11 euros. That's over 16 pounds of watermelon for $2.31. Isn't that insane? I just started researching watermelon online. In 2010 in the United States, per capita fresh watermelon consumption was about 15.5 pounds. I've definitely blown through the parameters on that stat, not counting the melons I've pounded over here. Back to the point, Phil chose a great watermelon. It's everything I ever wanted and didn't know I needed, or whatever people say when they're in love.

Here's Bella's sleeping position today. The picture's not sideways, she was actually sleeping vertically like this.

There's no way that's comfortable.
To a better week,

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