Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mail Call

We got mail! 

Our friends in D.C. sent us the nicest wrong card yesterday to tell us that they miss us. I'm a huge fan of using whatever card you like best, and altering the message to fit the occasion. Maybe not if you use a Happy Birthday card for a funeral, but I guess if the person was a jerk...?

Our first non-commercial mail!!!
12 Thumbs up for this slogan. So great. 

Anyway, we loved it. It made our night. K+T are some of our best friends. We ate a lot of food together in D.C., which is the foundation of any great friendship, and they're on our shortlist for guardianship of Bella if we both die from eating too much food here. They'll have to fight my mother for her, but we'll be dead so we're not concerned. 

She can smell you guys. 

We miss you so much, K+T. Thank you for the card. We're scouting out interesting things (read: food places) for whenever you come visit.

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