Wednesday, July 15, 2015

IKEA, Round 1

We have a loaner car for the next week, so we drove to IKEA last night. The driving here is a little wild. We saw a four wheeler on the freeway. That's legal here. The guy had plates and everything.

This was just the first of what will probably be many trips to IKEA. You'll notice that the theme I'm going for in this apartment, really the theme I strive for in every place, is "Random items I think are cute that don't necessarily and usually don't match anything else in the house." Mission accomplished.

Some of our finds:
This was more practical. I kept spilling water, then walking all around in it.
Muddy footprints everywhere. 

Aren't these placemats adorable?
I'm not actually sure that they are placemats.
Imagine all the funny Swedish IKEA names for things, followed by a description...
in Greek.

Bedding for one of the 2,000 twin mattresses in our apartment.
The orange thing is actually a duvet cover.
It was 5 euros, so I can use it however I want.

We also got some of those felt floor protector pads that you stick on the bottom of furniture. The kitchen chairs don't scrape across the tile floor at six in the morning anymore. Marriage saved.


  1. I have an important question for you. Can you still get Swedish Meatballs at an Ikea in Greece?

  2. In the cafeteria? Oh, geeze. I'm sorry to say that I can't say definitively. I think I saw a picture of meatballs? It's shameful that I don't know this, though I would be surprised if you couldn't.


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