Monday, July 6, 2015

Greek Islands: Aegina Adventure

It's another sunny day in beautiful, financially-complicated Greece. The suburbs were quiet this morning after what BBC News tells us was a really great party in Syntagma Square. Greece's finance minister just resigned. He's the guy that looks a little bit like Voldemort, and is about as popular with the EU leaders. Banks are still closed, as far as I know, and the next stage of this...transition?...will probably depend on France and Germany. 

But enough of that. Let's talk about islands. Sunday is a big beach day for the locals, and we desperately want to be local. Even with the referendum yesterday, or maybe because of the referendum, a lot of people were taking ferries from the port. We decided to take a ferry to the closest big island. Here are our Aegina (pronounced "Aah gih nuh" and not "Angina," as I've been saying) Adventure shots:

We left in the morning to catch the train.
It's about an hour to the port.
This guy sat across from us on the metro.
He got up early to vote "No."
I'm getting better at creepy candid photos.

Phil on the ferry! Piraeus port is pretty big. We got lost trying to get tickets.
Lots of vendors walk around and try to sell you sunglasses.
We told one guy to beat it, but then he helped us find the ticket counter.
We felt bad.
We still didn't buy sunglasses.

The ferry ride took an hour. We went to a bakery right after we landed.
We bought some savory pastries to eat for lunch.
We also bought some regular, sugary fatty pastries to eat for fun.
I didn't take pictures of the food because we inhaled it as soon as we had it.
Here's some old stuff right off the harbor.
Phil's standing in front of a Byzantine cistern. How cultured.

Some of the stuff they found on this site dated to pre-2,000 B.C.
I didn't even know they had rocks back then.

Historical Facts: this is an old Aegina city.
The city was heavily fortified against the Athenians, who were Aegina's rivals.
There were a lot of buildings inside the wall, including a temple for Apollo.
Eventually, Athens conquered Aegina. The Romans took over later.
After all these years, only one erect pillar is left from Apollo's temple.
That's what happens when you get old.

The base of Apollo's Temple, but also a beach in the background.
What I learned is that beachfront property has always been really pricey.

Checking out the beach to see if it's worthwhile.

It was worthwhile. We swam a lot. The water was clear, calm, and warm.
This trip was also momentous because I saw my first naked beach-goers.
I'd heard about European beach nudity. I guess I thought you all were lying.
I don't think this was a nude beach, per se, I think they just wanted to be nude.
To clarify, Phil and I were not the naked people. 

Looking down at the beach. Note his clothing (i.e. he is wearing it). 

After leaving the beach, we wandered around in the hot, hot sun.
I finally told Phil in a gentle, loving way that I needed food.
We ate okay pizza, and I napped on a bench.
This was at the end of the day, while we were waiting for our ferry.
There's a lot more to see on Aegina. Next time, we'll rent scooters.
Maybe you'll be with us?

Going home on the ferry.
There's our beach.
Goodbye, beach. See you soon. 


  1. So we are staying overnight on Aegina when we visit Greece next month. Do you happen to know the name of that beach? We'll actually be staying near that one called Moni or Moki or something like that Island. I can't believe our trip there is so soon. I'm getting that familiar mix of excitement and heartburn.

    1. Fun!!!! Based on what that holiest of holy Google maps says, I think you'll be south of the main port/town. I don't know the name of the beach where we were. It would be really easy to find, if you're interested. When you get off the ferry from Athens, turn left and head toward the ruins. If you keep walking up that main road, you'll hit a long stretch of beach. You'll have to walk down to it, but there are paths, and it's not far. The first part is sandy, and it gets rockier the further you walk. It was pretty, but I've heard that the beaches by the place you'll be staying are a lot prettier. I'm so excited for your trip! Let me know when you land in the city!


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