Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Drexel Horror-tage

Today was our post-occupancy housing inspection. They looked around our whole apartment, and documented every gouge, crack, discoloration, stain, and tear so they can charge us for whatever damage we add to the place while we're here. I understand that owning your own house and furniture comes with its own set of problems, but at least you can destroy whatever you want.

The furniture, especially, stresses me out. It's not my style. Some of it probably isn't anyone's style. But they went out and got the good stuff: Drexel Heritage, baby. Which means if we bash just one piece of this crap up, we'll have to spend more on it than we spent combined on the furniture we actually own.

Bella's not too concerned. 

And, oh, the wood. There is wood everywhere. Wood floors. Wood tables. Wood chairs. Wood cabinets. I know this sounds like a dream come true to most people, but I make a lot of unintentional (usually) messes. I don't like buying nice things because I don't like taking care of nice things. We're having to invest in things that I never wanted to be in a position to have to own: slipcovers, coasters, place mats, shelf liners, rugs...wood cleaner...

Filing her nails on the wood floor I now have to protect.
Phil is a clean, responsible person, so he's reacted with appropriate enthusiasm to the furniture, as I'm sure you will when you come visit and see it in person.

Just don't scratch it.


  1. I noticed in the Air BnB for Greece and Italy LOTS of wood! The Netherlands was awesome because it was LOTS of Ikea. Which is my kind of stuff because it's cheap. And I'm not careful.


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