Thursday, July 30, 2015

Drapes and Melon

It's Thursday. I've been mopping floors for most of the morning. It's time to take and break and blog.

Weekly Wins

Our drapes have been out for cleaning since we moved in last month. That must have been one heck of a cleaning. They look great. I've never had floor to ceiling drapes before. I feel like a mogul.

My empire.

I like them a lot, but they do make our place darker,
and maybe a bit sinister.
But, I don't know, that's the life of a mogul, right?

Bella and I took our Thursday trip to the laiki. We picked up some apricots, onions, nectarines, and this:

 Gambling on watermelon is such a thrill.

I bought this for 1.65 USD. Is there a markup on watermelon in the U.S.?
Did I just uncover a melon conspiracy?

I was walking home earlier this week when a guy on a motorcycle stopped to ask me for directions. I get such a kick out of that when it happens. It happened a few times in D.C., too. Once I pointed out the White House to a group of tourists who were looking the opposite direction. It's really affirming to think that I look like someone who knows what they're doing. I often don't, but at least I've nailed the outward appearance of competence. Luckily for this guy and my ego, I actually did know how to direct him. I strutted the rest of the way home.

Phil and I have become the experts of the neighborhood, by default. Among the new expats moving into our building this summer, we've lived here the longest--a whopping 5 weeks, exactly. We know everything about this neighborhood, except for the million things we don't know. It's a small caveat to our vast intelligence. 

Back to those floors (maybe),

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